About Us



Thanks for your time... so here you find yourself, reading through another pointless boring band bio, when all you want to do is have a great party.  Let's be honest...  Nobody really cares how long ago we each learned to play, where we got our equipment, or what band we were each a part of eight years ago.  All you want to know is... 'is this group going to send everyone running for the door or are they gonna keep 'em dancing til we have to kick 'em out?'

THE SUPER 5 (formerly known as The Five That Framed OJ) has been a Southeast favorite since 1995.  Hailing from Memphis, TN yet traveling anywhere people want to have a great time... we have been featured in festivals, sporting events, casinos, corporate functions, weddings, proms, clubs and colleges across the U.S.  Once a strictly 80's cover group, THE SUPER 5 is now a band dedicated to all-time party favorites, allowing us much more flexibility for any occasion.

Words on a page certainly won't do us justice... but please check out the rest of this site for our songlist, fan feedback, and upcoming shows so you can come see us for yourselves!